August 18th, 2005


theme mod//new theme!

alright guys, since i am the new theme mod, we are going to have a new theme!
this is how i am going to run this.
+all theme entries will be attacted to this post as a comment.
+only one photo per entry.
+you may post other pictures in a another post asking for what picture people want you to enter.
+you have one week to enter the theme.
+then there is a two day voting process. a new post will be made with all the entries. and all comments will be screened for the voting process.
once those days are up i will tally the votes, and announce the winners. the winners will be posted in the user info saying what theme they one, and maybe a link to the picture or something.

our first new theme will be beach/summer pictures since summer is nearing its end. start 8/18 end 8/25. voting begins on 8/26 for two days only.