April 20th, 2005

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Okay, so I've been having trouble with my eyes for a while and I've finally talked my mom into looking for eye doctors and what not that are covered on my insurance. I don't want to get glasses because I think I look funny with glasses. Well, the other day this kid let me wear one of his pairs of colored, non prescription, contacts(don't worry, he never wore them before). The contacts were blue and I think, that if I get contacts, I'd like to get colored ones.

But anyway, tell me what you think. Do I look better with my brown eyes or with blue?

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Ok, so I got bored at school today. Took some pictures of random things, and took a few pictures of myself in the haunted bathroom in B hall in hopes of catching some supernatural activity. And to my discomfort, the stalls were creaking the whole time I was taking this pictures. Not much, but it was fun taking them.

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I'm willing to make anyone a custom livejournal or diaryland or other HTML layout if they buy me a paid account for two months, (only $5 US)

Comment on this entry if you want one!
And don't be shy.
I'll do anything you ask for unless I don't know how. Haha.

PS! There's a new layout. I made it last week but I forgot to post about it! Haha... =D