April 18th, 2005

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name: Stephanie.
age: Fourteen.
location: Maryland.
top 5 bands: Currently I'm majorly interested in Broadway, it's always been something I've loved. Wicked (the musical) to be exact. Bands, I could name too, I guess. Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World, Good Charlotte. I'm a long time fan of the GC boys, & that's probably going to get me haters. But I don't really care. I enjoy their older stuff a lot more than their latest, but sometimes I'll put on one of their newer CDs.
bottom 5 bands: My Chemical Romance, The Blood Brothers, From First To Last, any of that incomprehensible screaming.
something interesting about you: Uh, well. I think a lot, & I'd probably post my rants in here, since I tend to post my crap in the many communities I'm in. I actually post in the communities I'm in, so I don't end up neglecting it.
favorite book: I read all the time, so I'm always changing my answers to this question. Not like I always get asked that, but anyways, here's the list: Speak, Don't Think Twice, Holes, Blind Sight, Before Wings, Things Change, Borrowed Light & a whole bunch more. & then there's the books that I haven't read yet. So really, this list is quite innacurate, but it's all I have for now.
favorite movie: Legally Blonde. Hah. A lot of people when they first meet me don't expect that to be my favorite, but I think it's hilarious. I also love A Walk To Remember. I think almost everyone has (or, should have) a soft spot for that one.
describe/show us your favorite shirt: It's pinkish & says "please don't eat me" "i love you." it's got a picture of a pig on it, i love it. i'm a vegetarian, so. Suprisingly enough, I don't have any pictures of me in it.
where did you hear from us?: Uhm, I think it was being advertised in a graphic making community. I thought "I'M A CAMERA WHORE!" So I had to join.
why should we add you?: i have a variety of interests, i'm creative, i take pictures every second of every day so i'll probably have some interesting pictures.
promote us at least once, and give us the link(s):

what kind of camera do you use?: Nikon Coolpix 2200 
post at least 6 photos:

i was singing.

my brother & I

arcades are the greatest. i hope this picture doesn't seem cliche, because of all the references to guns in songs by bands that i don't like.

my newest hair color.

alrightttttt later kids<3.
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