April 4th, 2005

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yea so..i guaged my ears with a paper clip folded in half in the bathroom at the mall.
it was cool. but then i had to take them out cuz my ears are illergic to metal and stuff that isnt real like gold or silver. but hey my ears were guaged for a day haha. now i have to get size 14 gauges and put them in. but i wont for awhile cuz my ears are now traumatized and sore.

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Ok I need everyone's help on this.
Because I have the inability to keep the same hair style for more than like a few months...
I want to change it again.
I am going to be using black and white dye.
Behind the cut are:
+ pic of me
+ two hot hair styles from ppl on myspace
Please choose which you think would look best.

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Thank you.
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