February 27th, 2005

theres no room left for repeated excuses i sold them all for a shovel to dig my grave

stamped // unthemed

i dyed my hair. black with a magenta streak in the front. my hair is kind of un "fluffed" in these pictures cuz they were after/during the atreyu show so my hair got all flat and dumb but whatever. here =]

i searched as far as my feet would take me the souls of my shoes are worn and emptyCollapse )
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    arliss - november [listen to them on purevolume theyre GREAT


So, I don't have any pets. I used to have a hamster, but it died. I had a fish for a while, he was really old and he was one of those Japanse Fighting Fish, so we just assumed he was old an wise. Then he kicked the bucket. Sad, I know. :[

This is my substitute theme: you & your...pet!Collapse )

a l y s s a <3 <3
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    dresden dolls