February 3rd, 2005

meeeeee (hoodie)


horseforest (eva)
coldas_ice_kiss (abbey)
themarilynmyth (erica)
zachieizzle (zach)


Needs more votes
_halfmagic ; vote here
dontwannafcku ; vote here
_supriya_ ; vote here

And remember!! Don't forget about the INACTIVIY POST! If you haven't checked it out, please do so. You'll be kicked out of ___selfsnapshot if you don't do what the post says. This goes for newly accepted members as well.

♥ -Chelsea



Hello my loves, I am curretnly letting go of my community and I don't wanna delete it completely. Either way, if there's anyone who would like to be MOD of the place let me know, and I'll put you there. Change whatever you'd like and what not, but we don't have time as MODS to promote the place and what not. maybe you can start the place over and get more people.

Delete this if it's against rules, I can't remeber every communities rules..