January 31st, 2005


I apologize for being very inactive.. I have been very sick and have just gotten out of the hospital.But I am getting better and will start catching up on the voting and promoting.Just thought I should let you all know.
meeeeee (hoodie)

MOD//question for the other MODs

To the other MODs:

I don't feel like I've been that great of a MOD lately and I'm comtemplating on wether or not I should step down from being one.

What do you think? Any suggestions on what I could do better so I wouldn't feel like I suck?

♥ -Chelsea
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mod. pictures.

i tried messy ponytails in my hair today, because i am sick of looking like a boy.
i painted my nails and put on a skirt. and i have pink beads that my sister got me.
so i'm ready to go back to my new classes and this time no one will whisper and giggle at me.
by the way, i'm getting my friends to pierce my ears sometime today or in the next week or whatever, so i'll post pictures of that, yay, finally.

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meeeeee (hoodie)

MOD//member update

in_mypants (taryn)
justwanaundresu (adriana)
benzadrine (sarah)
justdominic (dominic)
dream_beam (amelia)

zachieizzle (i think i'm not the only one who wants him to reapply)

Needs more votes
oinkoinkpigsgo ; vote here
up_side_down ; vote here
short_stylee ; vote here
xocourt_courtox ; vote here

tresbellecoeur : For being a whiney bitch here, here, and in many other places.

And remember!! Don't forget about the INACTIVIY POST! If you haven't checked it out, please do so. You'll be kicked out of ___selfsnapshot if you don't do what the post says. This goes for newly accepted members as well.

♥ -Chelsea