January 29th, 2005

meeeeee (hoodie)

MOD//Inactivity post.


  • Reply to this entry, showing me you have promoted to either two communities or 4 people. If you don't show me the links to either two communities or 4 people, you will be taken out of the community and you will have to reapply to get back in, and that's if you're accepted. (put all the links in one comment please)
  • The deadline to do this will be Sunday, February 13th.
  • I will repost a link to this update everytime there is a members update, to remind you.
  • There is no excuse to not do this!!!(unless decided otherwise)

  • [edit]After the inactivity post is over, there will be 5 auto-accepts to people who apply and fill out the application completely and follow the rules.[/edit]

    Also, I've added a new rule. I'm tired of people not following the rules when they apply, and I'm tired of applicants skiping questions because they don't want to answer them. So..

    If an applicant does not follow all the rules and skips questions, they are automatically rejected. No questions asked, no excuses.

    Note: The mods are excluded from the inactivity post, unless they feel like promoting.

    PS: If you name isn't on the side bar, leave your first name when you promote and you'll be added to the sidebar at the end of the inactivity deadline.


    um, actually, i decided that i don't want to be in this community anymore. i don't like to be in communities, but this sounded fun. it's just not for me. sorry kids. add my livejournal if you still want to keep in touch with me.

    good luck.
    and goodbye.

    (no subject)

    It's been fun everyone...but I can't keep up with all of my communities, therefore I'm leaving all of them...but a select few...Add me if you want to :D. Buh Bye lovelys !!!!

    With Love,
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