January 23rd, 2005

Romeo & Juliet

shut up tool


name: Kristen

age: 16.. 17 on the 25th of January :D

location: Markham, Ontario

top 5 bands: blink 182, new found glory, taking back sunday, funeral for a friend

bottom 5 bands: beastie boys, the rolling stones.. uhh it’s hard cuz everyone has their own preferences but I don’t really have good reasons to have “bottom bands”… to each his/her own, ya know? Rambling and not making sense.. so bad!

something interesting about you: umm.. I am completely obsessed and in LOVE with Dora the Explorer!!!!! <3

favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird

favorite movie: Romeo and Juliet – 1996 version.. ohh yeah

describe/show us your favorite shirt: probably my new found glory one from warped tour 2004… or my dad’s old Harvard sweater (in first pic)

where did you hear from us?: another random community posting.. I think it was for bitch_im_hot or along those lines

why should we add you?: I think you guys are all so pretty and it’s so much fun just looking at photos of everyone and I ADORE taking photos, and it’s fun to be goofy once in a while when taking pictures of yourself (my camera’s my best friend, I take him everywhere :D )

promote us at least once, and give us the link(s):


post at least 6 photos:
(they must be clear and we must be able to see your face. it would be great if we could see your clothes to judge you on your sense of style, too.)


PS - if these photos don't work, let me know... i'm new at putting up photos! :)