January 6th, 2005

meeeeee (hoodie)


There aren't any applications to accept or reject, so I'm just going to skip that part, obviously.

sanepsycho08 has, so far, 9 votes to ban her and 5 votes not to. I'm gonna give it one more day for people to vote(click that link!!) on if she should be banned or not. By tomorrow morning the decision will be final and no more votes will be counted.

♥ -Chelsea



hiya, i've done a little promoting and i will continue later in the day after my nap (i'm ill, sympathise lol)
But i was just wondering if we were getting a new theme yet? It's been on my mind that although it says on one of the promo banners that we have a new theme every week, the jewellery one has been quite a while?

Or is that just me falling into a time lapse?

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Well, my 16th birthday is comming up (Jan 22), and i want to do something special, cuz well.. im turning 16 haha.. not totally sure why its so special.. but thats okay :) ANYWAY.. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what i could do? Nothing too too expensive.. and not something thats just for 4-5 people. any suggestion are much appriciated =)

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