January 4th, 2005

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Needs more votes:
1nn0c3nc3 ; vote here
jesuisetoile ; vote here

sanepsycho08 is in question for being banned. She broke the rules and deleted her application. In my opinion(which I've stated a few times) she should be banned. If she couldn't handle "no" votes, then she shouldn't have applied in the first place. A quote from her: "That's no reason to reject me. You don't know the half of my life story, or who I am in the real world." This is the internet. Of course we're not going to know who she is in real life. She shouldn't have deleted her application because she couldn't take someone telling them they didn't like her and saying no. I'd like to hear the other opinions on this. If you girls wouldn't mind, please comment on this entry stating your opinion.

[edit]We should vote as a community to decide on banning her. Leave a comment with a yes or no in the subject line and state your opinion on why she shouldn't, or should be banned.[/edit]

Also, manicgirlface and _undiscovrdlove left the community because of school. You guys can always reapply if you want to come back. :)

I won't be able to be as active because I'm starting school tomorrow, but don't worry, I'll still try my best to be a good mod. :) I'll get the updates in at least every other day, and if I don't work, then everyday.

♥ -Chelsea


well, okay, yeah, in the cut is a picture of me with my favorite jewelry. but the necklaces are my only jewelry, anyways; it was at the skatepark in the summer so i have new hair and stuff, but anyways, here they are. nothing exciting, no meaning to them or anything, but the smaller one broke and i lost the other one so i don't even wear them any more. yeah.

you grew up and you sparkled, but why don't you care?Collapse )

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