January 3rd, 2005

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Needs more votes:
fostuhhhh___ ; vote here

I think it's been agreed that adrnlnejnky can reapply if he would like, due to certain circumstances. So Vicki, since he decided to message you, if you haven't already told him go ahead and tell him he can reapply if he would like.

Keep promoting ladies! Let's try and get some guys in here. ;)

♥ -Chelsea
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yup, I'm a sore loser

Oh my fuck. I'm really sorry to do this, it looked like a darling community, but I don't want any more votes. I'll gladly leave but I'm deleting my application.

I just don't want any more no's. I can take them, but it's just bringing me down to hear people say things like you're not interesting, or you're plain jane, or nothing stood out. That's no reason to reject me. You don't know the half of my life story, or who I am in the real world. I was hoping I could make you see who I really am in the application, but I guess you guys didn't get the message.

As for the no's based on looks, I could care less. I just wanted to be in a community where people didn't care if I posted a lot of pictures.

So thanks for giving me insight into your community, and for at least giving me something to do.

And by the way--please don't put me on your banned list. You can talk about me all you want, but just don't do that. At least I had the respect to bow out politely, and listen to your comments without being a bitch about it.

<3 Katie

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i know i have only been here a couple of days but today i looked at this semesters scedule(can't spell that word) and realized how busy i'm going to be. i have all academic classes, plus softball..so you get it. i dont want to get kicked out for not being able to vote and promote and be active, so i guess i'm going to have to leave. but ill reapply again when i have time. sorry i could only commit for a short time.

it was fun and all of you are awesome. hope that my couple of days here sort've made a difference. and i'm glad i made you guys laugh, that's why i'm here. ha. so if yall want to add me, feel free, because i like all of you.


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