January 2nd, 2005

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Last night, while checking in on the community, I noticed that an application was out of order. Then I found out the applicant deleted the first one and redid it. I figured it was fine and I didn't need to be bitchy about it. BUT!!!!!! This morning I get on here and another applicant, kisshard, deleted her application completely.

DO NOT DELETE YOUR APPLICATIONS!!!! From now on, if someone deletes their application, they are banned.

I didn't think it'd have to be rule because it's just a given, and that people were smart enough to know, you don't delete applications to communities. Obviously I was wrong and people aren't as smart as I was giving them credit for.

Grr.. that makes me angry.

♥ -Chelsea
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hey guys, emory (who was adrnlnejnky and got banned for not leaving reasons for voting) commented on an entry of mine and said this:

I'll give reasons. I just haven't had time and i thought it would be nice of me to make quick check ins and vote... so i have all vacation for about 5 seconds. I promise I'll leave reasons from now on. Its just I've been busy this whole week (vacation) I'm really sorry and never saw the warning about not leaving reasons but I will PROMISE. I like this community.


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just wondering....

ok well I took some pictures. they look really kool. but I don't know about posting them on here because I am unsure of how people will react (and I might get banned). _obscene has seen them in my journal. they involve me holding a knife. (not hurting myself/anyone) they were taken for a display pic (from a photographic perspective). So if someone could let me know if I can post them or not. That would be awesome. MODS if you would like to see one before you answer just email me or comment that you want to see one.

k thanks.
.x. sabs .x.
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