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Hello ;D

Hello Hello everyone n_n
My name is Kissa and I'm a frikin', fuckin' and sick lover of seek xDDD <3
He' simply my all ;_; <3
Thanks to god Seek know about how much I love him and sadsadsad xD
I'm from Mexico City :D
I have 16 years n_n
I have to thank for accept my request for join in this community :3
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    Episode of Pandora- Mix Speakers',Inc.

Hi ^^

Greetings. I am a n00b. But PLC fans yay! Especially Seek....yum ^^ I got to meet Seek and Yura-sama at Metrocon in Florida this year. I almost passed out I was so happy! They are extra hot in person XXXD
Squishie Nino

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hiya! newbie here! I'm D.T. ^_^
I translate JRock & JPop interviews from Thai magazines and post them on my LJ. I just translated a Psycho le Cemu one! It's from 2002 and they talk about one of their concepts: Japan. So check it out! It's already all nice and colored on my LJ ^O^ Hope you enjoy!
Nice to meet you!! ^O^

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Okay i just saw a PLC like 2 days agao and they are the shizzzzant, so i wanna get to know more about the band and download music.

btw does anyone have any aya icons?