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Name: makaen          

Age: 14

Hair color: right now its blonde, but im dyeing it cherry red again, cause I like how old people would stare at me and my friends and take pictures of our wacky hair

Eye color: brown

Single/taken: single (damn the dick… harsh breakup)

Location: palmer alaska

Piercings: just ears…. But im getting my lip pierced on the side for my birthday, im afraid it will interfere with my moshing….

Tattoos:HA! Yeah, living with mother here.

Username Meaning: well I am a superhero. I am the over-achieving under-achiever.

Role Model(s): hmmm… well I suppose I would have to put brody dale cause she just kicks ass, she came out of a shit environment and kicks ass. Then… umm… well, if you have no real ambition, can you really have role-models?

Three Favorite Bands: the used, mcr, the beatles

Favorite Color: orange

Song: hmmmm…right now its ‘I am the walrus’ by the beatles

Book: probably all of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy books

Movie: garden state, suburbia, edtv

Biggest fear: I don’t like it when people lay on top of me, like, to the point where I cant breathe

Shows have you been to: … I cant count that high on the amount of sleep im on. But I go to 2 shows per week.

Best show:hmmm… well I suppose last weekend was the best. This excellent band drove up here from kenai and the fucking rocked. The pit was awesome. Plus, first show in forever that I didn’t get a facvial bruise. Score.

Best show experience: I cant remember the best, but I do remember the creepiest-funny thing; a couple months ago I was standing in a dark alley between bands smoking with my friends, and this creepy irish dude who was under the impression that he was a vampire kept staring creepily at my neck and moving slowly closer to bite me. Don’t get me wrong, biting is fucking hot, but his neck looked like he buffalo-bill styled barney the purple dinosaur all over his upper-body.

What makes you different from everybody else?well… im odd, I will say anything to anyone at any time. I have no issues with modesty or embarrassment. People think that I am insane and fun. I think im a bit insane, but who isn’t, really?

Why should we accept you? Because I had sex with you last night as a bribe.

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Five things to add to the interests of the community: the beatles, bruises, cunt, broken bones, and vaginal bleeding(…?)

Post two clear pictures of you: no problem.

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