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Name: Lis
Age: 14
Hair color: um blondish-brownish-red.
Eye color: shit brown
Single/taken: single...hoping to change that soon.
Location: Clifton Park NY
Piercings: eyebrow and ears 0g
Tattoos: none yet
Username Meaning: its a song by brand new and i liked it and the title so yeah
Role Model(s): no one really, i just want to be like myself, not anyone else
Three Favorite Bands: Brand New, Nirvana, The Used
Favorite Color: blue
Song: Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't  by Brand New or 70x7 by Brand New
Book: Harry Potter books 4e.
Movie: Fight Club. Benny And Joon or  Billy Madison. omg forgot the Harry Potter movies.
Biggest fear: Riding a bike
Shows have you been to: Hawthorne Heights, Homegrown, Halifax, horse in a box&more. then a few local bands.
Best show:The Hawthorne heights one
Best show expirience: same kthnx
What makes you different from everybody else? I am funny and I dont really care what people think and plus i can touch my tounge to my nose.HAHAHA.
Why should we accept you? because you can

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Five things to add to the intrests of the community: Yoko Ono, Betty White and Nirvana
Post two clear pictures of you:me & my cousin

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