Mosh Fuck

Name: Ron
Hair color: Black
Eye color:Brown
Location:Brandon/Tampa, Fl
Username Meaning:I'm emo
Role Model(s):none
Three Favorite Bands:MCR, underOath, silverstein
Favorite Color: blue
Song: smashed into pieces
Book:the di vinci code
Movie: garden state
Biggest fear:falling to my death
Shows have you been to:warped tour, local ,taste of chaos, soty headlining, take action tour,other i cant remember
Best show:taste of chaos
Best show expirience:being on tv when they have that concert special
What makes you different from everybody else?i can make my tongue roll like the ocean
Why should we accept you? im a show whore with with hardy emo goodness fit for a king and his country
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Five things to add to the intrests of the community:
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hot rod circuit & mae, w/s/g the snake the cross the crown, & the goodwill (CD RELEASE)
show:4PM $10/$12

alexisonfire, w/s/g vaux, emmanuel, black maria
show:7:30PM $10/$12

the unseen, ramalah, brain failure, plastic jesus
show:8PM $8

Senses Fail w/ Emanuel, The Receiving End of Sirens, TBA

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so i have an idea for some rejected banners...
i've seen some that say "you remind us of (some bitchy member) so get out"
so i was thinking we could do some about losthope41 because she was a complete bitch.
just a thought.