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Resident Evil Reboot?

Every single Resident Evil fan reading this is well aware of what a mess part 6 was. It was designed as a game that basically "had it all", meaning it would contain facets that would appeal to the different kinds of RE players out there.
But the final product was an overwhelming, bloated train-wreck that made no one happy, most especially the longtime fans, who felt the most disenfranchised. Well, according to a recent interview, it would seem that the message has been heard loud and clear.
Michael Pattison, a now former marketing boss at Capcom, told MCV that everyone at Capcom took what the press as well as players had to say about Resident Evil 6 to heart. As such, that feedback will directly shape how Resident Evil 7 turns out:

"With Resident Evil 6 specifically, we probably put too much content in there, there were comments from consumers that said it felt bloated. The Leon missions went down very well, and because we did Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS, there was a cry out for us to focus our attention on survival horror, rather than be too many things to all people. You’ll find where we go next will likely be more targeted at our core fanbase."

Pattison also notes that he doesn't believe the gaming marketplace is over-saturated with zombie games, though one has to wonder if he'd be saying such words if not for the fact that Telltale's The Walking Dead hadn't come out at the same time and managed to garner so many game of the year accolades.
He also notes that both The Last of Us and Tomb Raider reboot was a sign of what consumers want. So one has to wonder if Resident Evil 7 will indeed be what core fans want: something that plays a lot like Uncharted.

The Article is Here:

I believe part 4, 5 and 6 were a complete mess.
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Resident Evil 1.5

One of the more famous unfinished games on the PlayStation is Resident Evil 1.5, a title that was originally intended to be Resident Evil 2 before it was scrapped at the 11th hour and replaced with, well, Resident Evil 2.

The title's unfinished and mysterious nature has led it to develop a bit of a cult following, and for a little while now a team of fans has—having obtained code of the projcet—been working to restore as much as they could and release a playable build to the public.

Well, after some messy internal politics and alleged hacks, the team has gone out ahead of schedule and, rather than wait to release a "finished" build (including English translations), put out a work-in-progress, which you can download and try out.

Be warned: it's an "unstable mess" that is "in no way representative of the current state" of the actual project that'll be released down the line, but hey, if you can't wait for a more polished experience, one it's hoped you'll be able to play on actual PS1 hardware, you can get in on some hidden gaming history below.

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Resident Evil - Gameboy Colour, Review

The story of how the game was finally released can be read here,
the game was created in the late 90’s (being canned by Capcom, in 2000)
and is almost exactly the same as the previously released storyline to
Resident Evil. (PS1) The copies of the games released are not finished
versions of the game, although are almost complete.

“Uncomplete” reffering to that the door in the Guardhouse Underground
Watertank cannot be opened, even with the correct items/key, This point
in the game can reportedly be bypassed by changing some “memory
values.” Although I have no idea personally how this is done? Another
feature in this version is unlimited ammo and that the
only enemy’s that function (hunt you) are the zombies. Although I did
notice that after killing zombies they don’t fall onto the ground, they
seem to kneel down?

I haven’t really played that far into the game at all (Mostly played
Leon’s scenario, on Cart 2), I found the game a little difficult to
control. I died fairly early on into the game, as I got caught in a
corner next to a zombie and I couldn’t seem to move out of it. :-p

Other info on the game (and the source of some of my info) as well as
all of the release details can be found on the original thread over on Assembler.

UPDATE: There is a patched and fully playable build of the game, this can be
found by using the Assembler links above.

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Conan Reviews RE6

Resident Evil 6 just got the only review that will ever matter. Mr. Conan O'Brien, a self admitted clueless gamer, has zero expectations and it's awesome to see someone, who ultimately couldn't care less, react to a game that the whole planet is looking forward to.

We know that most people are expecting the next installment to walk on water, but Conan is going to focus more on where Leon buys his leather jackets and how to properly praise his AI partner, whom he suspects of being Canadian.

Going into such a massive tittle with no history of the franchise, or qualifications, other than being awesome at life, Conan reminds us all that at the end of the day these are still just games. Look at how much fun he's having when he figures out he can roundhouse kick zombies so that their heads explode. Wait and see how he reacts when he uses his combat knife.

The demo for Resident Evil 6 comes out on September 18, and we wish Conan could come over and hang. He would bring all of the tartar sauce. Watch the video and tell us what you think on Twitter.


The Differences Between Resident Evil 3 (PSX) and Resident Evil 3 (PC)

Originally posted by thomas_horne at The Differences Between Resident Evil 3 (PSX) and Resident Evil 3 (PC)

I thought I would write this as I couldn't easily find anything on the internet documenting the differences between the original Playstation version of Resident Evil 3 and the PC port. (released by Xplosiv)

The two versions are exactly the same story wise although controlling the game on the PC is slightly more difficult (with very limited gamepad support), by default the game uses the arrow keys as character movement which is unlike most other PC games which use the WASD keys. I always seem to find myself trying to accidentally use them instead of the arrows.

After installation the PC version requires no disc to be in the CD tray, (it's refreshing to see this, as I hate having to look for CD's!) Another of the games changes are that on the PC both the easy and hard modes are unlocked from the start along with all of Jill's extra costumes. (Costumes must be earnt by playing through the game on the PSX version.)

An inclusion that makes the PC version in my opinion easier is the extra equipment available to you straight from the start of the game, the Assault Rifle is already unlocked right from the go even including a full clip of ammo! A list of the extra items is bellow:

  • F. Aid Box - With 3 F. Aid Sprays
  • Assult Riffle with a 100% clip and 2x extra 100% clips
  • Handgun with a full clip and 250 bullets
  • Shotgun with seven shells and 56 extra shells
  • Magnum with 6 bullets and 24 extra bullets
  • Unlimited Ink Ribbons (Saves)

Both versions of Resident Evil allow you to run up stairs without manually having to have the character walk up them, green herbs and other healing items remain (ideas from RE1 and 2) and the option to discard usless items (Used in both RE1 and 2) such as keys also remains in both of the versions.

To end, I also found that the PC version very stable and run well on my Windows 7, 64 bit machine. I couldn't find one fault whilst running the game on Windows, I just wish more controllers had been supported when the game was released. I think that this zombie (see below) wouldn't have been able to catch me if I could use either my wired 360 controller or an old Thrustmaster control that I still use for SNES games. :p

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Resident Evil 6

Trailer was released for Resident Evil 6. Diggin the old school. Let's get a good debate going on! WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS!? :)

Personally this entire thing looks like a giant joke. CQC verse zombies? Kind of pointless.