Who Is The Hotter Brother?

Ok I find them both absolutly gourgious and I don't know why because the whole prince thing really turns me off. In fact if I was faced with the choice of either being a princess or a living out my dreams I would choose my dreams. For some reason I have become obsessed with these too men which leads me to as you, which one do you think is hotter?

Poll #764665 Which One Do You Think Is Hotter?

Prince William or Prince Harry?

Prince William
Prince Harry


Whoo!! Yaya for an actually good community. (Even if it doesn't look like it's updated often)

First off, Prince William is Fine.

Secondly, I'm Cheryl. I'm from Canada, and I'm 15.

I love the icons below... *looks down*, and I think that someone, whoever, if you can make icons or whatever, should make more. I mean, you hardly EVER find Prince Will layouts, colour bars, etc...

Catch my drift?
[stock] coffee

a FOB and some icons

I did try to make a header like the FOB, but my computer was being difficult. So here's what I've got.
Let me know if you decide to take anything, and if you do, please credit me! Oh, and don't hotlink. =]

EDIT: I did end up being able to make headers, so I've put them down the bottom.

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