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//Rory Cochrane

v1 //Felix Sunset Strip

// Rory Cochrane
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//1// Please make sure you are a fan of Rory Cochrane
This is a Community for fans of Rory Cochrane. If you join it might help that you are infact a fan of him.

//2// Please, No Hate.
We would much rather not have homophobics,racists,sexists, or hate against any group of people in this group. It is here to celebrate a love of Rory Cochrane not to spread hate.

//3// Please only post things relating to Rory Cochrane.
Although we do find that huge bug you crushed today quite an intresting story, this is a Family Guy community and we would like it to stay one.

//4// Please post large pictures/large groups of pictures/large groups of information behing lj cuts
This is ofcourse simply to reduce flooding of friends pages.

//5// Make sure the lemon's and the pancakes get along.
Basically respect eachothers opinions darlings. Cause it's a crazy vicious cycle. And Vicious cycles aren't fun.

//6// No Claims.
This is not a claiming community. Not anymore not since the last time that giant chicken told us to.






None Yet ;o;
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IM:: thenotorious LAU to be an affiliate.
As well you may send any buttons; icons; etc to those along with whom the credit should be given to.


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