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This is ___rock, a community created and maintained by foenixgirl. This is a place for me to create icons, banners, headers, bases, layouts, and mood themes based on my favorite rock bands. I am currently not looking for any co-moderator or co-maintainer for this community.

Disclaimer: I do not make graphics out of Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, or other "rock" bands, since I consider them to be more pop than rock.

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1. Please comment on the post and credit this community on your userinfo or sidebar, if you have one.
2. This community is members only. Please join and add this community on your friends list.
3. No requesting please. There will be a special post if I am asking for requests.
4. No direct-linking or hotlinking. THIS WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN WITHOUT WARNING.
5. Please type sentences in English that I can comprehend. There is no need to type "lyke tHis!!1one~1" or necessity to be "l33t" in my community.
6. DO NOT EVER redistribute my graphics as your own.

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*You can take the icons above. But please credit the community.
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