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 18X16, oil on canvas

Hello, everyone! I'm new on Livejournal. I love robots too. Here is a painting of a robot I finished last week. It's cleaning up all the junk floating around space, hence the broom and dust-pan. Enjoy!
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& to think i thought i was the only one who used the term "robot love". hehe.
my boyfriend and i have robot hearts that only beepbleepboopbeep for each other.
+ we love techno! (you would, too, if you had robot ears!)

[props if you get the last part]
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Anyone know where I can find pics of different robot "guts" or innards and like joilts for arms and things?
I am making my friend a hoodie for X-mas that loks like a robot skeleton and guts. Kinda like the secen kids ribcage and heart hoodies.


Does anyone know how to reset a Sony Cyber Shot camera? Specifically the DSC w7 model?

Please, I lost my owner's manuel and now my camera is fucking up. I'm very frustrated.

PS- I know that this does not apply to this group, but seriouslly, I'm desperate.