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Rilo Kiley
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A[nother] community for Rilo Kiley fans: the low-fat alternative.

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The great irony of Rilo Kiley is that as they begin to become better known — they are now one of the true constants in indie rock, dependable and confident, and selling out shows all over the country — it would seem that their songs are becoming more and more personal. Listeners can’t help but believe that Rilo Kiley is singing just for them, but the fact is that the world at large could use these songs right now. In these unstable times of love and war, with countless miserable personal and political histories threatening to repeat themselves every day, we could all benefit from Rilo Kiley’s charge to lead by example and live a life more adventurous.

Girlie Action press release

01 Rilo Kiley (of course) and related topics only: television appearances, shows, releases, et cetera.

02 Introductory posts are [welcome, but] not necessary.

03 Debate is welcome, but name-calling and such is frowned upon. We all know it's "just the internet," but for fuck's sake, a little common courtesy, please.

04 Photo or artwork posts, if too large (wider than 350px) or containing any more than one image, should be placed under an lj-cut. The same goes for anyone who wishes to post icons or desktop/LJ backgrounds, reason being that it stretches out the friends pages of some users and can take a long time to load for those with slower connections.

05 Avoid making new posts on topics already recently (this ranges from a few minutes to a few days) discussed.

06 Posts advertising rating communities will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

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