Rhode Island Association of Student Council
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Hey. A community for RIASC!

I made this because..
1) I love student council.
2) I miss everyone from the state conference(s)
3) I was bored, hahaha.

Anyone involved in a student council throughout Rhose Island should join.
Post about anything relating to your school's student council, ideas for activies/fundraisers/etc, conferences, whatever you want. Keep it on topic though.

Also, please keep personal stuff out. I know Coventry's old community had to get shut down because people were making entries about their personal issues with other members. We don't want to have to shut this one down, so keep your personal life out of here. :)

Please keep photographs (if you post them?!) under a cut.
How do you do that? Make your entry like this....
(but take out the stars)

Since I'm in school right now, the journal's gonna look like crap for a while. BUT-- I'll make it fun soon.

Ummm, that's all I have to say for now.. Join up and tell everyone you know in stuco to join as well.

p.s. if your school is missing from the interests, let me know and i'll add it.

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