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Yay, I'm new!

Name/Age: Erin/19
Location: St. Louis, MO
Sexual Preference/Dating Status: Straight/single

Anal Sex: Not really my thing, but it's noone of my buissiness what people do in their bedroom.
The Death Penalty: Only if they are sure beyond a reasonable doubt.
Abortion: Is wrong, but should be legal because making so many exceptions such as "rape" or "medical reasons" takes a lot, and there is no way to prove it. However I think clinics should be allowed to deny you if you've had abortions before.

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do: Eat... a lot. And I won't lie. Probably have sex or something, hang out with my friends, say goodbye to everyone. We all hate to be left without saying goodbye.
What is the most defining moment of your life thus far: Getting into Webster University. It took a lot of work for me because I'm dislexic, and it makes me very very happy. It's a place where a lot of people are simular to me, but everyone is so differant as well. It's ver diverse and I love it.
Where do you see yourself in ten years: I see myself in the entertainment industry in some way. I really want to be on broadway, however my back-up plan is to be either in promotions or a music video director.
What are you passionate about: Being an individual, not being ignorant, and speaking your mind.
What do you love the most about your self: I like my eyes a lot. But on a less superficial note... I like my ability to get people to open up to me and say what's on their mind.

What you're wearing: Right now, I'm wearing a robe... I'm getting dressed soon to go workout.
Favorite outfits, (picture):
What sets you apart from every other person: My past. I attended a mostly African-American High School, and live in a white neighborhood. I lost a lot of friends because they thought I was a gangster or something, I'm not sure what the deal really was. Also, there was that feeling of always being differant, but not because I wanted to be, it was because I had to be. I think it made me slightly bitter towered everyone, but more open-minded.

How did you find us? If someone referred you, who: I search for you.
So now what: I don't know you tell me ;)


Promote us to 3 other "active" communities!(not including this one)
ok, it'll be at these by the end of the day.

Community 1:: degrassifans
Community 2:: saiyuki_rating
Community 3:: stlpotterfans

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