angry rant because i can

going to kill the neighbors.
and their sons fucking circus themed birthday party.
with circus songs over and over again.
and i have so much work to get done.
but can i?
god. i hate fucking phil. he's such a dick.
and his kids are annoying too.
and they just sang happy birthday, followed by a rendiation of god bless america. what the fuck?
who the hell sings god bless america at a four year old's birthday party?
you know besides the republican assholes i have for neighbors.
this is making me very very annoyed.
and pissed off.
oooh it's on.
next circus song or i love america song i hear i will flip.
i swear to god.
this party will have a very unwanted vistor.

p.s. phil, it's "in the night with the light from above" stupid fucks