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Name: Casey McG.
Age: 17
Location: Manchester, CT
Status: taken. :)
Best Feature: my eyes?
Worst Feature: i hate my hair actually....its so gd static-y
Describe Yourself: i'm really out going, and love to have a good time and i laugh a lot. my best friend and boyfriend bring that out in me.
Major Pet Peeve: wHeN PeOpL TyPe LyKe DiS...and when people walk REALLY slowly in the hallways at my school seeing as how its over-crowded

10 bands/artists: Jeff Buckley, Stellastarr*, dispatch, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, fiona apple, spice girls, oasis, maroon5, john mayer
Fave Song Lyric: Kiss Me, Please Kiss Me, kiss me out of desire babe not consolation--Jeff Buckley
Song That Best Descibes You, and why?: Sleep To Dream by Fiona Apple i think. I've been through hard times in my life and it's saying that whoever she's singing to doesnt care, and i've had people in my life for most of it dont care about what i'm trying to say to them.
Fave. Artist/Band from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s: from the 70's, Abba. 80's Journey. 90's Spice Girls
How Important Is Music To You: music is very important. i cant live without music. I wake up to music, i fall asleep to music, i'm constantly listening to it. even in class when i'm supposed to be paying attention.
What Band/Artist is like nails on a chalkboard to you, Why?: a lot of country to me. Not to offend anyone in here who likes country, but that southern twang in the songs just irk me the wrong way.
Do you play any instruments, if so what?: i used to play the violin.

Favorite Book(s): Wasted, anything by Nicholas Sparks, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, The Great Gatsby, Ordinary People
Favorite Movie(s): Boondock Saints, King Kong (saw it yesterday, AMAZING), fight club, snatch
Favorite Actor/Actress Actor=Adrian Brody, Actress=Kirsten Dunst
Favorite Person In Your Life, why?: my best friend Jen, we're so alike and i can talk to her about anything. She's my upper and when i'm not around her/with her thats my downer. haha but we're always together
Favorite Places to Hang out: just driving around aimlessly
Hobbies: swimming, photography, hanging out with friends, laughing

Why should you be accepted?: because i think i am outgoing and could bring a lot of energy to this community
What will you bring to this community: energy
Can you be brutally honest?: oh god yeah
Make Us Laugh: Image hosted by i should have been a child star.
Promote Us To Two Communities, Post Link (I will check) this is the only community i belong to, and the other one that i DO belong to doesnt allow promoting. :/
say something nice about [Bad username: ___starcrash] she's really pretty and i love the beauty mark right above her lip.

At least, 3 pictures:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by me and my boyfriend kyle. ♥

Image hosted by jen and me at a party....haha
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