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Name: georgia
Age: 16
Location: jersey city, nj
Status: single

10 bands/artists: incubus, the distillers [r.i.p.], rilo kiley, rancid, transplants, from first to last, death cab for cutie, dashboard confessional, yeah yeah yeahs, my chemical romance
5 movies: ghost world, napoleon dynamite, finding neverland, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, anchorman:the legend of ron burgundy
Fave Song Lyric: "i've packed a change of clothes and it's time to move on"
Song That Best Descibes You, and why?: "the young crazed peeling" by the distillers. it's my soundtrack to life. it's about taking pride in who you are and being yourself.

Eating Disorders(s): starving yourself is wrong.
Drugs & Alcohol: drugs is not cool. alcohol is way better.
Same Sex Marriage: it's love.
Abuse (mental, child, sexual, physical, etc.): horrible.

3 Words That Best Describe You: maverick, funny, awesome
Major Pet Peeve: people w/ no fashion sense
Favorite Person: brody dalle
Hobbies: acting, swimming, photography, dancing, video games, music, hanging out, and styling clothes

At least, 3 pictures:
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