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Name: Justin Chambers
Age: 19
Location: East Falmouth Massachusettes
Status: Single

10 bands/artists: Ok here goes off the top of my head 1. Thursday 2. The Unicorns 3. Frank Sinatra 4. Gauge Means Nothing 5. Bad Religion 6. Big D and The Kids Table 7. Converge 8. CombatWoundedVeteran 9. The Decemberists 10. Spikkit
5 movies: 1. Life Aquatic 2. Man Bites Dog 3. Fight Club 4. The Karate Kid 5. Star Wars the Orginal Trilogy
Fave Song Lyric: Can't say at the moment
Song That Best Descibes You, and why?: Never really thought about that either....

Eating Disorders: EAT SOMETHING!
Drugs & Alcohol: Stupid I don't know why people do that shit and ruin their lives and if this is a pro drug community I'm sorry lol.
Same Sex Marriage: People should be allowed to marry whoever they fucking want to.
Abuse(mental,child,sexual,physical,etc.): All not rad.

3 Words That Best Describe You: Crazy Crazy and CRAZY!
Major Pet Peeve: Conformity or people that aren't loyal.
Favorite Person: Pete Gallo my BFF!
Hobbies: Photography, Making Movies, Downloading/Discovering new music, Going to shows, Hanging out with friends and doing crazy shit, Smoking Darjum Black Cloves and Cigars like some socailite/gangster, Making Mixes, Video Games, Pinball.

Promote Us To One Community, post link: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=snapshotperfect
At least, 3 pictures:
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