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Hey everyone, I just thought Id like to get to know everyone more by a simple Question(s). What are your nicknames, and why? who gave them to you? Do you even like them?

Kitty- They call me kitty because I always wear kitty ears to school. My friend Willy calls me kitty and so do a lot of other people because they say im very playful, pouncy and im always running around. My friend said that when im sad, I curl up like a cat and lay on my bed. Weird i know, but this is the nickname that I love the most, and just about everyone calls me it. Even my teachers lol
Atomik J- This was a nickname given to me by my juggalo family. Im this because I have this mad obsession with Raves and glowsticks, and when Im at one, i have so many of them, im glowing like an atomic bomb they say. And "J" because my real name is Jacqueline. I wont let anyone call me this BUT my juggalo family, and I get kinda offended if anyone else does.
Jacks- This was given to me by my ex girlfriend. My real name is Jacqueline, or Jacque (but some say Jackee), she likes to shorten things and such. And it bugs me. I don't like this nickame, reminds me of what a guy would be called >< So not Rad. ><
J-UNIT: hahah This one has a funny story , well sort of. I have a friend named Ty, and he's "ghetto" but he is such a funny guy. Well he always wears a G-UNIT, and I call him my ghetto bitch. But he actually made a sign out of masking tape and taped it to my hat and it said "J-UNIT!" Because Im a juggalette. Weird and kind of retarded I know, but if you were there it's pretty funny. And he's the only one that calls me that . =)
Sweets- This is what Hillz calls me. She's like my litte sister and she calls me that because I am ALWAYS eating something sugary.  But no worries I keep my teeth nice, white, and clean =)
Emo Doll- A few of my friend's call me this, because I guess im a "cry baby." I'm usually upset because, well, if you knew my house and shit, you'd understand. But I always end up coming to school in the morning upset about something that happened. I don't really mind the nickname i guess. i am emo .

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