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oo1. Name: Indira
oo2. Age: 16
oo3. Location: Phx, Az
oo4. Sexuality: Female

oo5. 10 Bands: Death Cab for Cutie, Bright eyes, the blood brothers, Taking Back Sunday, The Cranberries, a static lullaby,Thursday,The Distillers, President of the United States of America, The Format.
oo6. 5 Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Blow,Requiem for a dream, Equalibrium, Party Monster
oo7. 5 TV Shows: I don't like TV. But if I had to say I would say I am a MTV girl.
oo8. 3 Books: Stephanie Plum Novels,Metro Girl,"Full" Novels,The Bell JAr, Lovely bones
oo9. 3 Hobbies: read, hang out with friends, paint, write.

o10.Abortion: I am PRO choice.I think that abortion is something very personal to an individual. I think if you do it because you believe in that then it's your choice. If you don't believe in it then it's your choice not to do it also.
o11.Suicide: Well I think suicide is hard to judge sense people can be depressed, and such. I;m not sure what to think about it. I think its is different in each situation.
o12.Self-Harm: No not an answer.
o13.sXe: Hey if they can do it more power to them. I just don't like it when SXE people exclude others because they don't share the same belief or will power.

o14. One Journal:
///. Two communities:
///. Your Info:
o15.How did you find us? I saw a BANNER
o16.Pictures [2 faces shots &1 body shot]:

o17.100x100 Picture For The Member Page:


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