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Name: Alisha Martinez
Age: 18
Location: Colorado
Sexuality: Straight

What You're Like:
Name at least 10 bands you listen to: Pearl Jam, John Lennon, Carbon Leaf, Staind, in all honesty, most of what I listen to is subtle new age or conducted, so can I list a few producers instead? Medwyn Goodall, John Mock, Peter Cairney, Emerald Green Productions, Earth Vision Musics, Brian Scott Bennett... I think that should do.
Last show you went to: Phantom of the Opera, I know, I don't usually go too often, but it was beautiful reguardless.
5 movies: Le Pacte des Loupes, The Hebrew Hammer, (yes, it's wonderful) The Labyrnith, (childhood classic) Without a Paddle, and Shadow of Fear.
5 books: O.O That's difficult, I read a lot of books. How about just what I've read recently? The Divine Comedy, Plato: The Collected Dialogues, The Path of Transformation, The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu, and Meditation by Barry Long.

Bush/Government: I'm green party, though Nader doesn't seem to capture too much attention. I don't know what's wrong with everyone who decided to choose between a puppet and an idiot, but I hope they are happy with what they got. -.- My governmental perspective goes far too deep to put into an application, but ask me some time if you're interested. I love a good debate.
Micheal Jackson: :: Shrugs :: No one is perfect, but who really cares. He still has his crazy fans that follow him everywhere, despite how hard he's tried to get rid of them... It isn't really an issue of innocence or guilt, it's all about the money.
Davey Havok: Not my style, but he seems like a nice guy. ^.^
Bob Nanna: Umm... I plead the fifth on this one.
Anarchists: It's the right idea taken in the wrong direction. It's more of a statement now than a feel of threat of power.
Homosexuality: Let them get married... for crying out loud. How does that even effect anyone else?
Religion: I strongly encourage people to take religion in a broad perspective, as being born into a specific religion isn't fair. A religion should fit a person's soul, not their rooting.

Promote us in 2 other communities and post the links. Eh, if I was in another community of the type, I would gladly promote, but this is the first I've applied to. I think it's slightly rude to post in a community to which you do not belong, or in a community that is focused on something completely different. So, if that means my not getting in, I'm sorry for wasting your time.
Make us laugh: ( Don't read this in a rare occasion you voted for Bush. ) The president, first lady, and vice president were all on a place together, when Bush leaned into his wife, smiling, and remarked, You know, I could drop a thousand dollar bill right now and make someone very happy. To which she quickly replied, Well, I could drop ten one hundred dollar bills and make ten people very happy. Cheney, feeling the need to intervene, responded, And I could drop a thousand one dollar bills and make a thousand people happy. They all started to laugh at this, as the pilot turns to his co-pilot and quietly says, You know something? I could drop all three of them and make 56 million people, along with countless others around the world very, VERY, happy.
Why should we accept you? I'm a fun person with a loud personality. I'm good for entertainment at times, and to consul in at others. I'm never one judge, have a wide perspective of what I find beautiful, and hold a keen sense of love for everyone.

Note: I don't have many clothed pictures, so I'll only post what's covered up in one sense or another.
And I'm sorry, I know that they are a little big, but I felt the need to go ahead and just make them part of the application away.
Also, about the face shots, I don't have any direct ones, but I can take some a little later if you need it before making a decision.
Thank you. ^.^

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