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apppppp like whOa.

Name: Liana Marie
Age: 16
Location: Nutley, Jersey
Sexuality: bi ..

What You're Like: what i'm like ? well. i'm quite terrific i suppose. i can do a lot of things. i really can. sometimes i lie about things though. but people believe it. but then i feel bad about lying in the first place, so depending on who it is, i tell them the truth, or make up a more elaborate lie. i'm also really afraid of sharp objects. i know must be coming across as a weirdo. i'm sorry. =\ .. i'm also a marshmallow lover. anyone else ? annnnd i'm allergic to peppermint.
Name at least 10 bands you listen to: the early november, hellogoodbye, daphne, spill canvas [ eh ], cameron, this day + age, a beautiful smile, john mayer, straylight run, elliott smith, + i can make a mess.
Last show you went to: royden
5 movies: pieces of april, garden state, empire records, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, along came polly.
5 books: perks, speak, you don't know me, go ask alice, dreamland.

Bush/Government: i'm not really into politics .. but i know i don't really like bush. however, if kerry were to win this election, then i think it would have been a bad result. why ? because bush started this war + put the troops there + obviously has a plan. kerry wouldn't have known what to do i don't think.
Micheal Jackson: why is his nose so small ? he had some good hits in his day though, i'll give him that. i mean, thriller ? who doesn't get up to dance to that. come on now.
Davey Havok: sorry, i have no clue.
Bob Nanna: see above. heh.
Anarchists: well, let's see. their intent is to overthrow the government which by all standards goes with the terms of treason, so they are going against a system which has been proven to work for over 2000 years ? go figure ..
Homosexuality: don't see a problem with it. at all.
Religion: i'm not big on religion, however, i do usually believe that there is a God. but if you don't think there is, or think very strongly of religion, then so be it. i don't see why anyone should stop you.

Promote us in 2 other communities and post the links.
Make us laugh:
one of my friends just said to me, "sit on my face, + we'll play pinnochio, + i'll tell lies all day." .. i laughed. i don't know about you.
Why should we accept you? i'm not sure, really. i guess because i want to be in the community.

Post at least 4 recent pictures including 2 face shots.

that's my cousin + i. i'm the one without the hat.

me + my mommy.

me looking at .. something ? who knows.

yeah, it was mo early + i don't like breakfast but i had to get up to go eat it. grr.

+ me + my brother .. who looks all weird .. i do too .. hmm. oh well. that's all !




i'm gonna do the promoting tomorrow because it's late + my mom's making me get off + i don't have enough time to do the promoting. but i PROMISE it'll be done tomorrow. kthanks <33

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