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Please read them. Rule-breaking is not tolerated.

oo1. Flaming will not be tolerated. Comments have been disabled for that reason. Problems? Take it up with the mod.

oo2. No promoting more than once in a calendar day. That means you may only have one promotional post on Monday, one on Tuesday, etc.

oo3. First offenders of rule #oo2 will have their most recent post deleted.

oo4. Second offenders of rule #oo2 will have their most recent posted deleted, marked as spam, and all of their posts for the past 7 days in ___promowhore will be deleted. They will also be banned from promoting here.

oo5. If you'd like to promote more than one community, simply put them all in one post. If need be, you can come back to your post and edit it, adding another community. Just please keep it down to one post per calendar day.

oo6. All promoting must be LiveJournal related. If not, the post will be deleted. If it happens again, see rule #oo4.

oo7. The mod has the right to delete any post she finds offensive, such as posts containing giant banners, lj-tags copied and pasted for miles, and the same banners repeated over and over in one post. She's tired of people contacting her complaining that these things are messing up friends-pages! Just use common sense when you post, please.

Repeated Rule-Breakers

furbygurl chosen illpaintitblack
lalala__disco dumb_bunnie_21 tre__hipster
k_promotions candiicanez tight_bodiedann
sensuouscherish __xbreex__ evergrnterrace

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