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There's kids playing guns in the street [entries|friends|calendar]
I could have been a famous singer </3

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Jul 18th, at 7:25pm 05 ]


Name, age, location: Tomi, 13, Florida
♥Favourite childhood toy: um. a plastic cell phone i stole from some kid in kindergarten!
♥Colour: black and green
♥Favourite thing to do: talk
♥10 bands: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Turbonegro, The Used, Relient K, Guttermouth, NWA, Blink-182
♥Favourite movie: Can't Hardly Wait
♥What would you do with a million dollars? Meet Green Day, move to California, buy a house, buy tickets to every GD concert, buy tickets to atleast one concert of all the bands *aside from NWA* I listed above, marry Gerard Way cause Billie Joe is taken.. Go on a shopping Spree in Hot Topic and Hollister! Buy cars, and give the rest to charity.
♥Parents; no or yes? yea
♥Kids; no or yes? no
♥Boyfriend/girlfriend?[if so, pictures.] nope
♥Sports? basketball, golf, volleyball.
♥Why should you be in this community? I have no clue. I dont know what it's even about.. but it has potential to be cool!
♥Quick, what do you think about:
- same sex marriages? I think they should be legalized. I support it 110%.
- self mutilation? Um I'm being honest.. I have no clue what mutilation means..
- the government? It sucks.
♥ The coolest member is: Of the goverment? idk. um. Arnold Swartzaneger * cant spell at all..*
♥ What would Jesus do? given what situation?
♥ Five favourite shows: Seinfeld, The King of Queens, Family Guy, Laguna Beach, and Dawsons Creek I guess.
♥ Five favourite actress/actors: Idk and Vince Vaughn
♥Pictures of you [we want a lot]:  My things broken.. I'll post them later.


well thats my thing! a millon dollars that i get kicked out..

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Jul 13th, at 7:41pm 05 ]

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Jul 5th, at 1:15am 05 ]


Jun 19th, at 10:24am 05 ]

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Pictures [Friday
Jun 10th, at 5:17pm 05 ]
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May 25th, at 8:55pm 05 ]

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