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I'll be your bestkeptsecret


name: Ana
age: 18
sex: Female
location: Middlesbrough UK
sexual preference: males
piercings: navel, earlobes, left side of botom lip
tattoos: none

color, and why?
green, because I think all of the shades can make up realistic, as well as magical images (ok so I'm a bit sad)
bands: Alexisonfire, A static lullaby, Atreyu, Beloved, The Bled, Coheed and cambria, The Distillers, Finch, Funeral for a friend, Further seems forever, Fear before the march of flames, From autumn to ashes, Hopesfall, Jeneferever, Last days of april, My Chemical Romance, Silverstein, send more paramedics, Shai Hulud, thrice, taking back sunday
books: To kill a mockinbird, Lord of the flies
quote (NOT SONG LYRIC!) "what is art? are we art? is art art?
song, and WHY: This year's most open heartbreak-FFAF...because my friend was a victim of sudden adult death syndrome earlier this year, and the lyric "to be the last one, who will sing you to sleep" reminds me of him because we had all been singing appaulingly the day before he  died.

describe your personality:
big...I can get quite personality shines through rather than my looks...people know me for my personality..I'm very caring and love being around people.
one interesting fact about yourself: I play the violin, viola, guitar, bass and electric violin..(not great but I guess I'm distinctly average)
make us laugh: I suggest you purchase my life story seeing as it's all a complete joke.

I am not strongly pro..nor anti abortion, I think that in certain cases...such as if a woman is raped and falls pregnant...abortion is most probably her best option as a baby with a rapist as a father could end up haunting her.
bush/kerry: I'm english so I can't have too strong an opinion...I don't know who kerry is...(sorry) from the portrayal of bush though, I think he's an asshole and has cost millions of innocent citizens and troops their lives....I understand the war on Afghanistan as 9/11 was horrific, but the Iraq situation is now catastrophic.
self mutilation: Don't personally do it, but have friends who have/do...I do not think it is a good way of coping with problems, but would never consider those who do it stupid, or attention seekers as I am not in their shoes.
eating disorders: Are hyped as Dieting gone MAD! I think that the medical explination should be the only one....I studied psychology for a year and so know enough about the condition to have the medical diagnosis..that serotonin imbalances in the brain lead to distorted body image..Its hard to voice an opinion when i've studied medical facts and figures sorry.
stereotypes/labels: I think they're stupid...woooooo I wear stripes a and sweaters...emo! *fingers point* doesn't affect me anymore..."ok so I'm emo...get over it losers..." 

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prettyemotional - where i promoted you


~Ana xxx~

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