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I'll be your best kept secret.

name: Pizzzzaxton. Actually, it’s Paxton.
age: 15
sex: F
location: NV, USA
sexual preference: Err, do you mean orientation? I’m straight.
piercings: Ears, and I’m getting my lower lip pierced.
tattoos: None

color, and why? My favourite color is dark blue. I dunno, I’ve always liked it.
bands: Well, my favorite bands are: underOATH, Fall Out Boy, Something Corporate, and The Transplants. But I listen to pretty much everything/anything. And definitely a lot more emo. ;]
books: Swan Song by Robert McCammon and The Dead Don’t Dance by Charles Martin.
quote:Every man can live without food or water for three days, but not without poetry.” Ch. Baudelaire
song, and WHY: “Me and the Moon” by Something Corporate. I love the subject of the song, and the whole feel of it just inspires me.

describe your personality: I’d say I’m a pretty collected person. I indulge myself into music and art. I’m fun-loving, kind, and I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic.
one interesting fact about yourself: I think the sexiest part of a man’s body is his collarbone. And oh, I can do a perfect Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) impersonation. Interesting, huh?
make us laugh: Oooookaaayy… umm, once there was a father and his son. The son had a duck, but he wanted to travel to the towns to sell his duck. So, his father sent him. On the way there, he met a whore. She made him a little deal. “I’ll fuck you for that duck.” So, he laid with her. But again she said, “I’ll give you back your duck if you sleep with me one more time.” So, he did. On the way home, he met a man, and the man told him, “I’ll you a dollar for that duck,” and as the man lead the duck away, the duck got ran over.

By arriving home, his father asked him, “Sooo?” The boy replied, “I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, and a buck for a fucked up duck.”

I know that was lame. But I couldn’t think of anything else.

abortion: I think it depends on the situation… but you have to consider also: that’s not just a “fetus” as they like to deem it everywhere around the media. It’s a living thing, a human being inside there. And the thought of killing such a person in that sort of state… makes me cringe.
bush/kerry: I think Kerry was/is a dumbass, so, Bush. I’m not that happy with him, but he does his job.
self mutilation: My best friend was an addicted cutter. And you can only judge a cutter once you get to know them. Self-harm is not exactly the healthiest act, but, it’s just something a lot of teens go through. I’m compassionate about it.
eating disorders: Anorexia tempts me. I sympathize with purging, and the similar.
stereotypes/labels: Ehh, I mean, if you think about it, “emo kid” is a label. So, I’m okay with them, as long as they aren't used to mock.

Promote us to another community or journal (show us the link): I’ll promote you guys if I get accepted. :]


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