Melissa Ashley (_____simple) wrote in ___prettypretty,
Melissa Ashley

I'll be your best kept secret.


(bold all of the questions! answer ALL questions!)

-- sorry it's not letting me bold for some odd reason --

name: Melissa
age: 14
sex: female
location: connecticut
sexual preference: heterosexual
piercings: cartilage & bottom holes on ears... i want more though. >=O
tattoos: None =[ I want one too.

color, and why? turquoise, it reminds me of the ocean. I love the beach.
bands: Hot hot heat, from first to last, the shins, bright eyes, atreyu... theres more... just kinda lazy. sorry.
books: hunger point, stick figure, perfect, the diary of anne frank. I'm really into the holocaust i dunno why.
quote (NOT SONG LYRIC!) Ignorance is a bliss
song, and WHY: The faint- worked up so sexual. This is kind of an old song. I really like the beat & I love the faint. I also think it's cool because it's different & it's about a stripper.

describe your personality: outgoing, fun, misleading (at times)
one interesting fact about yourself: I am an expert at the trampoline. I mean seriously guys, I can do soo much stuff on there, I wish I could do it on the ground. I am really flexible though, I danced when i was little & did gymnastics & stunted.
make us laugh: oh god i'm not good at making things up on the stop. here we go though. what do you call a cheese thats not yours? nacho cheese. haha don't ask it's super old, i learned about it at a week long retreat in 7th grade...

abortion: I think it'd alright in some instances. I mean if someone is just too damn lazy to wear a condom then no it's not acceptable. If they were raped & the mother was unable to care for the baby, then yes.. i think it would be acceptable.
bush/kerry: I must say I was a kerry fan but i dont believe in all of those things the government tries to get us to believe
self mutilation: i don't think it's right. i think people should talk through things even though it's hard.
eating disorders: well we are an image obsessed society, i understand why they would do it. we're never perfect enough. we're surrounded by beautiful faces.
stereotypes/labels: they suck, you can't base some's personality on how they look or what music they listen to.
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