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i'll be your best kept secret

name: Erin
: 16
sex: female
location: indianapolis, IN
sexual preference: straight
piercings: 2 in ears. but i never wear earing. i dont really like them.
tattoos: someday soon ::crosses fingers::

color, and why? hott pink. just something about it is like "dude that is so hott." and its girly.
bands: the early november, waking ashland, something corporate, mae, blink182
books: Revolution on Canvas ( I actually just got done reading that.) Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, The Perks of being a wallflower ( i know ...cliche right?) hmm ...
quote (NOT SONG LYRIC!): "because I could never look at you, without wanting to bruise your pretty face, and watch you cry with mascara on my fist.
song, and WHY: "Hands On Deck" By Waking Ashland. I dont really have a reason I just think its gorgeous. I love the vocals and the piano playing. akfldaj its so beautiful.

describe your personality: i decided to ask my friends because i think they have a better view of myself than really i do. so here it is. MuEmpire5 3 10 4: you have a 'playful' personality, like...hyper but not really hyper, ya know? And then you have a REALLY sweet side to you, and you're hilarious a bit crazy, but the good crazy. Hehe. And you can be really serious and you're extremely easy to talk to and a great friend who's always there for the one's you love, and you really value your friends and the one's you love

tori rigsby: You know alot that goes on around you. You always know what to say.. You can make people feel good, even if you don't. You're REALLY fn funny. You learn easily.. And you're very friendly. You'll make friends with whomever wants to be friends with you.
interesting fact about yourself: i like tacos...a lot.
make us laugh:

YoureAll I Am(me): i should make my party a costume party!
MuEmpire5 3 10 4(my friend): haha..I'd dress up as you
MuEmpire5 3 10 4: so I'd look pretty ugly and whoreish

eeeek...i'm not very good at this question.

abortion: i used to be against it until like just last night (weird that i was thinking about it last night) then i thought about it for awhile and realized that if i ever got pregnant at this age i would be so scared and wouldnt know what to do. I dont know I guess it depends on the situation.
bush/kerry: that is such a hard decision for me right now. I want to say Bush really bad because I'm more into the republican party but then I think that we need to get Bush out of office and then get the troops out of Iraq. I dont know. Politics are so confusing.
self mutilation: ahh i dont know. its scary. and its a really sad thing. i dont know how to describe it. i just think people should learn to deal with there problems in different ways. get a journal, scream, hit a pillow or something i dont now. i've never been in that situation. so yea
eating disorders: again, i think its really sad. i feel bad for the people with the problem and i know sometimes they cant control it. but i just think that if they admit to it that they should really seek help. you dont have to be super skinny to be liked.
stereotypes/labels: ooh i hate them. i really do. but i cant say much because i know that i use them once in awhile myself. its just something you do to describe something/someone. but it also hurts to be called a whore, slut, etc,... i just try to be considerate when i know other people wont be.
promote us to another community or journal (show us the link):
(no less than 2, no more than least 2 pictures that arent photoshopped) too bad i have photoshop and still have no idea how to use it...okay here they are. be nice.

the end.

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