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I'll be your best kept secret

sex: female
location: Baltimore, Maryland
sexual preference: Bisexual
piercings: tongue
tattoos: none

color, and why? lime green, cause it stands out and I like black cause its mysterious
bands: Brand New, The Early November, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Taking Back Sunday, FallOut Boy, SugarCult, My Chemical Romance..ect..
books: Cut, Kurt Cobains Journal
quote (NOT SONG LYRIC!) Life is like a box of chocolates, never know what your going to get.
song, and WHY: Right Side Of The Bed by Atreyu. Someone I loved alot, would always cheat on me.. The last day I ever talked to him I said.. "Whos sleeping on my side of the bed tonight.. Have you ever cried so hard baby you just died"

describe your personality: I can be really laid back, mysterious, away from everyone else.. Or I can be the one getting attention, standing out, ect.
one interesting fact about yourself: I have a belly button thats like a suction cup..
make us laugh: I graduated middle skool without knowing how to spell

abortion: I don't really agree with it, Its that persons decision, some people need to get abortions and I can understand that. But if you have the ability to care for your child, have some responsiblity, don't take the easy way out.
bush/kerry: I don't really care.. I agree with Kerry on things.. But i also agree with Bush on some things..
self mutilation: Been down that road. It doesn't do anything but put you in consuling and rehab. Its a domb idea.
eating disorders: Whocares how skinny you are. Its jus your weight, Its not who you are inside. I'm not a size 0 and I still get love
stereotypes/labels: They're dumb! Who cares if your a Punk, Prep, Goth, Jack, ect.. As long as your a kool person thats all that matters. GROW UP!

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