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ill be your best kept secret

age: 13
sex: female
location: centereach
sexual preference:  i prefer those of the male species
piercings: earlobes.. soon im getting an industrial
tattoos: none.. eventually hopefully
color, and why? i like black becasue it just goes with everything.. and i like blue.. it reminds me of the water.. which i also love
bands: brand new, blink 182, new found glory, story of the year, cautreize, taking back sunday, sugarcult, bowling for soup, fall out boy, american hi-fi, swithcfoot....
books :shades of simon gray, the outsiders, mel
quote (NOT SONG LYRIC!) i guess yu never really now what you have until its gone. (pay it forward)
song, and WHY: are you afraid of being alone, cuz i am, im lost with out you. [ Blink182 - Lost without You ] it just makes me feel good
describe your personality: i am a VERY outgoing person, i like to be loud, i am intelengent, have leadreship, and very confident in myself, i like to be a goofball but at the same time i can be extremly serious
one interesting fact about yourself: katie, one of the co-mods, is my BFFL!! ;)
make us laugh: . there were two peanuts walking down the road and one was a -salted get it?.. one was "assaulted"
abortion: i dont agree with it.. i feel your the idiot who was unprotected.. so you should have to live with the consequences. unless of course you were rpaed or any other circumstance of that nature.. then im definatly for it
bush/kerry: bush is an ass.. i think kerry will do some good for our country
self mutilation: im totally against it.. i mean.. i dont understand how it gets out any sort of anger.. im sure people have some really shitty situations going on. but that should be all the more reason to make the best of things.. being that you now what it is to feel pain
eating disorders:i think its bad, what most people dont get is its a disease and needs to be treated as such.. people who do it need to seek medical help
stereotypes/labels: i dont agree with them.. if people want to dress punk and listen to avril laveigne.. let them.. your the loser wasting your time caring
promote us to another community or journal (show us the link): em0by_default 
Pictures:i dont have any pictures.. so i will describe myself.. i hope thats ok.. im abut 5'4"ish, brown hair brown eyes, black rimmed glasses, i usually just wear a pair of jeans with a shirt with weird sayings on them.. i will take pictures and post them at a later date
(no less than 2, no more than 10....at least 2 pictures that arent photoshopped)

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