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___pop's Journal

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it's a rating community, spacker
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the mods are always right.


oo1. Be as harsh as you want. You got into the community.
oo2. Just make sure you've got "stamped" in the subject line if you're posting.
oo3. Have a laugh, chill out.
oo4. Try to stay active.

oo1. Copy and paste the application below and fill it in with your answers. Use an lj cut.
oo2. In the subject line state blow out.
oo3. Have fun man. If you don't get in then don't stress; it's just a community. Feel free to re-apply..
oo4. Once you join, post your application within 24 hours.
oo5. If someone is mean to you, we don't expect you to stay cool. Argue if you have to. We understand. But, if you're ugly, members will be harsh. Just a warning.

P.S You don't have to be a druggie or hardcore or whatever to join. The interests are just bands we like and yeah, we like to do some drugs. That doesn't mean you have to though. Just make sure you're fit. To the Americans, that's hot. Later.



22-20's, a man called adam, adem, american nightmare, art, art brut, audio karate, ballboy, bar academy, being eighteen, belle and sebastian, bent, bjork, bloc party, blonde redhead, blur, boyfriends, british sea power, bullet for my valentine, bullet union, cat power, catholicism, chemical brothers, chester road, colour of fire, creating, cursive, cut copy, dancing, death from above 1979, delays, dinosaur jr, discussions, djing, don caballero, drugs, drum n bass, eastern lane, ecstasy, electronica, eras, fabric, faithless, fashion, fate, film, fischerspooner, flashing lights, frantic disturbance, fucking up, getting absolutely hammered, girlfriends, god is an astronaut, graphic illustration, handsome boy modelling school, hating heather-rose, hella, holy molar, hookers, hot boys, hot chip, hot girls, hot hair, i am kloot, indie, interesting debates, interpol, ipods, jestofunk, jesus, john peel, joy division, kaiser chiefs, kano, kid 606, lady sovereign, ladytron, lager, lite audio, looking good, marlboro lights, melt banana, mirrors, modey lemon, mogwai, money, music, my girl sleeps, no lay, nun of the above, parents' credit cards, photography, pills, pj harvey, plugs, poppers, primal scream, pure reason revolution, ram jam, ramshackle, religion, roll ups, scout niblett, sex, shystie, sons and daughters, speed, speed garage, spirit of versailles, storm and stress, street corners, strip clubs, style, the black keys, the boxer rebellion, the dead 60s, the duke spirit, the edmund fitzgerald, the futureheads, the go! team, the mooney suzuki, the ordinary boys, the oxes, the undertones, the vandals, the verve, thurston moore, tortoise, trains, underworld, unique, unkle, venetian snares, vitalic

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