___pop / the bitch is back

yes, this bitch of a community is back and i am officially back on livejournal!

i've edited the info slightly but i need suggestions as to questions we should put into the application and questions we should take out.


___pop is back, BABY.

ps. me and my dee-oh-double-gee

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back from the deadd

___pop, it's been about 100 years. i'm the lj user formerly known as topofthepops_, tbh i only use this thing when i am bored to the point of insanity but yeah I MISS THIS PLACE.

now look guys. we've got a long hot summer ahead of us (i will in five days' time, anyway) in which we'll make loads of plans of trips to the beach and adventures and stuff except, let's be honest, we'll only actually do a few of them. what will we do instead? MESS ABOUT ON THE INTERNET. so i think this is the perfect time to get ___pop buzzing again.

just for the banter here is a picture of me with gary powell which i made black and white due to how horrendously ginger/generally horrible i looked in it

and here are two pictures of me with beer just for the COOL POINTS

ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm YEAH. let's get the banter going?

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oh it's true. pop has died.
lets everyone post something in the next 24 hours. it doesn't matter what. a picture of yourself, or your cat, or a dirty joke, or a poem, or a song, or a link to something fancy or the name of the person you secretly love or for gods sake an application, or i don't know.

i'll go:
did you hear about the fire at the circus?
it was intense

say it outloud and you'll laugh like a fool