Macaca Mulatta debut album, AAA

The long awaited debut album from Macaca Mulatta has finally arrived. Initially formed by ex Art Brut guitarist and songwriter ‘Chris Chinchilla’ in London, the band travelled throughout the Europe and America and finally settled in Melbourne with a new line up. After several months of intense and storming gigs this debut album was finally recorded and after a crowning performance at the Myers basement the last Saturday before Christmas, the band split up.

This is an album about Rock & Roll in the real world, the life of a weekend rock star, balancing your passions and desires with work and personal commitments. Songs about finding your place in the world, frustration, madness, corruption of innocence, losing your way and momentous changes.

The album took six hours to record in the child care wing of Yarraville Community centre, an eighteenth century school building. Recorded amongst children’s artwork and toys the tracks contain an immediacy and vibrancy fresh from the bands infamous live shows.

The album is currently available for download through Indiestore from the following sites :

To compliment the online release, artwork and lyrics will be available for download, allowing purchasers to create their own CD’s if they so wish. (

The album will be available through iTunes, napster, Amazon and many more sites in the near future, as will a physical release complete with a limited edition scrabble piece cover.

A video release of the album is pencilled for release later in the year, so all budding film makers should get in touch if they want to contribute.

All members of the band will be involved in future music projects, with Chris Chinchilla and Estafan Drugos continuing to work together on new material.

Macaca Mulatta R.I.P.
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