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___piracy's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to ___piracy!

This is a place for all you people who refuse to pay rediculous amounts of money for CDs and chose to burn instead.

How ___piracy works:

1. Make a list of all your CDs and post them. (lj cut, please!)
2. Fellow users can then browse through your collection and pick and choose albums which they would like to have burned.

Keep in mind that you are trading these CDs. Therefore, one user can not only receive CDs. They must, in turn, burn and send as well. If however, there is no CD of your collection that the other user wants, you must mail them the blank CDs to burn onto.

3. Make sure you leave your address in your comments

4. Burn and mail!

Whenever you get any new CDs, bought or burned, post them and attach an updated list of your collection.

And there you go!

Your Mods:

ac/dc, aceyalone, aesop rock, against me!, and/ors, anti-flag, azure ray, bad religion, badly drawn boy, ballboy, baptist generals, beastie boys, beat happening, beatles, beck, beethoven, ben folds five, ben harper, ben kweller, beta band, blind willie mctell, blonde redhead, bob dylan, bob marley, bult to spill, cake, cannibal ox, catch 22, chik chik chik, company flow, crass, creedance clearwater revival, cubby creatures, damien rice, dead kennedys, decemberists, deerhoof, def jux, dianoga, dismemberment plan, dispatch, dub narcotic sound system, east river pipe, eels, ella fitzgerald, elliot smith, elton john, elysian fields, enya, explosions in the sky, extra glenns, fiona apple, frank sinatra, fugazi, girls against boys, glenn miller, green pajamas, guster, halo benders, havergal, jack drag, jack johnson, jawbreaker, john vanderslice, johnny cash, keller williams, le tigre, louis armstrong, marilyn monroe, miles davis, modest mouse, morphine, mountain goats, mr. bungle, my favorite, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, nirvana, no no's, nofx, oar, operation ivy, oysterhead, pavement, phantom planet, phish, pink floyd, placebo, pogues, portishead, primus, radiohead, radish, red hot chilli peppers, rjd2, saul williams, silver jews, simon and garfunkle, skip james, smashing pumpkins, songs:ohia, sonic death monkey, sonic youth, stage francis, starlight mints, stigur ros, sublime, tea for julie, that dog, the amps, the beach boys, the blow, the breeders, the clash, the crew cuts, the dandy warhols, the dead milkman, the flaming lips, the language of flowers, the lucksmiths, the mighty smiting, the minute men, the pixies, the postal service, the shins, the smiths, the specials, the temptations, the walkmen, thelonius monk, tilly and the wall, tom waits, ugly cassanova, weezer