my posting: the NEW ME on POST.

the first day of the first month.
i am thinking... how will post on my blogs now, since i have a lot of blogs many are dormant.

now, i choose LJ as a blog where i cant just rant whatever i want from all various topics i am interested in...

be it in my casual life or anything personal that i feel like sharing...

and i say welcome back to me...

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Of horny boys,videos and twitter

Title: of Horny boys,videos and twitter
Pairing: Ryopin
Rating: NC-17
Author: yuuki56
Beta: sodigirl1980
Disclaimer: not mine. if those boys belonged to me, I would be posting videos, not stories :-) all belong to JE.
Warning: threesome, messed up timeline, also english is not my native language so I'm sorry for the mistakes!
Summary: I suck at this. so I came up with this idea when reading Jin's twitter and I fell on this particular tweet that caught my attention, and here we are!! this is my first fanfiction, and first lemon so sorry for the fail, I hope you like it anyway!!
also first time posting here, yoroshiku ne!

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New Search Community.

I'm here to advertise a new journal that I've created in order to help others find the fics they are looking for.
The more participation, the better! Please check it out-

For your fanfiction inquiries.
Find the fics you are looking for.

*To the mods, please let me know if I have made any mistakes in my post here. Thank you!

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Give me your wish!

Title: Give me your Wish! (sequel for wish a wish)

Pairing : Pin, Ryo (Jin as a girl)
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG-13 (vulgar language ahead!)

Summary: When Ryo want something for the wish he have to give for Jin to turn him back to a man.

A/N: This is the sequel for go_chan201 girl I don't know what will this come up but It a start for me to write again.

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Johnny's Entertainment | PiN {Eternal}
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AUTHOR: seleraf
PAIRING: Jin Akanishi/Tomohisa Yamashita.
GENRE: Introspective. Fluff. Romance
WARNINGS: Collection of drabbles (but they are somehow linked together). Slash. Slice of life.
SUMMARY: There are times when they just can’t take their eyes off each other.
DISCLAIMERS: I unfortunately do not own them. This story is only a fiction.
NOTES: First time trying to write something entirely in English. I wanted to write something for Jin's birthday, but it seems like I succeeded in writing it in more than a month ._. The end sucks, just saying.-. It is un-beta-ed.

( They just don’t need to talk to comprehend one another. )
Kame Bread

Looking for a fic

I hope it's okay to post this here.
There's this Jin/Pi fic I had read a long time ago, and I felt like reading it again, but the account has been deleted and purged!
The fic is a multichapter called I Want to Protect You and was originally posted here.
Does someone have a copy of it somewhere? I would be so grateful!!!

Thank you for your time :D
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