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Hi, I'm new. I love taking and looking at pictures, this is a still shot from a movie I made last week. My name is Austin, I'm 18 and I'm from Vernon, B.C., but I'm moving to Galiano Island as soon as I finish high school. I am currently in grade 12 and this summer I am interning at a film school. and that's me in a nut shell.

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has anyone else here picked up the new dropkick murphys album? what do you think of it? it just came out a few weeks ago and i can't stop listening to it. I really love the title track, the warriors code. if you don't have the album yet you can listen to a few of the songs here on Epitaph's site. has anyone seen them on warped tour this summer? what did you think of their show? boston's boys are doing it again!
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soon we woke and i walked you home and it was pretty clear that it was hardly love

hey everyone!
well, i did a search to find communities about the white stripes, and this community came up! i love dcfc, and i love photography, so i hope you don't mind that i joined. i love friends, so, check out my userinfo and my livejournal! i'm gonna post a few is a picture that my sister and i took in a photobooth with a disposable camera, i think it came out really cool, and some other pics that i took. i love taking pictures, even though the quality never really turns out because i am usually taking them with disposables! LOL! anyway, here are some of the latest ones-lemme know what you think!

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doesn't look like this community is too active, but i thought it was interesting. guess i'll start it off.. or something.

i guess i'll say something about myself. i'm almost 17 and i live in new jersey where i go to school and just hang out with my friends a lot. oh and i work at a movie theater.

here's a picture of.. me and my boyfriend.

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hope i can get this community up and running.
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