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Life is Good..

.. When Your Phat!

<33 Phatties<33
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This is a place to be your Phat self! Have Fun with it and be yourself people will be bound to like you if your acting the way you really are!

1. If you get a no, dont comment back at members asking why or bitching at them
2. Everything MUST be in an LJ CUT! <*lj-cut text="TEXT"*>
-take out the *'s and add your text
3. If you are mean to the maintainer/mods/members then you will be warned the 1st time, and the 2nd you WILL be banned.
4. Put "Am I Phat Enough?" under the subject area or the lj cut so that we know that you read the rules.
5. Dont comment on anyone else's applications until you are accepted.
6. Please Promote!!
7. You must be 13+ to join!
8. If you get rejected, than you can re-apply after 24 hours with new pics, if you get rejected again, than you cannot apply again.
9. You must apply within 12 hours of joining.
10.Don't post huge pics.
11. Answer everything in your application, do not leave anything out.
12. The opinions are not a yes or no question. You must answer them with atleast 1 or 2 sentences.
13. NO promoting of other communites! if you do, you will get banned
14. lastly, HAVE FUN!

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Any conerns, comments, or suggestions? Email me at leeniebeenie@optonline.net