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michie ♥ kevin

Am I Phat Enough?

~General Info~
.x.name.x. Michelle Alexis Phua
.x.age.x. Thirteen
.x.nicknames.x. Michie .. Phua .. Sexy Mama <-- yeah dont hate
.x.location.x. Hicksville
.x.b-day.x. June 7th
.x.martial status.x. Single..
.x.hobbies.x. Music.. Pretending to be black.. Tv.. Movie.. Mall.. Hanging out with people..
.x.Sexuality.x. I have a vagina. And i like dick. I was confused about this question....lol i wasn't sure if it was asking if i was male or female, or if i was gay or straight... =/

.x.bands.x. Fall Out Boy ... Brand New ... Dashboard Confessional ... Goo Goo Dolls ... John Mayer (Not a band) ... My Chemical Romance ... Rooney ... Something Corporate ... Taking Back Sunday ... The Used ... The Spill Canvas
.x.movies.x. Love & Basketball .. Coach Carter .. Napoleaon Dynomite .. Home Alone 1&2 .. Ghost .. The Jerk
.x.food.x. Uhh Basically everything.. *Some people eat to live ... i live to eat*
.x.color.x. Black & Red <-- Im just bloods like that haha
.x.store.x. Hot Topic .. Pac Sun .. Holister .. Utpoia .. A lot more...
.x.tv show.x. Gilmore Girls Is Love<333333

.x.rape/abortion.x. Being raped is wrong .. espeically when it's up the anus. // I think it's wrong, but if your young, you have a whole life ahead of you, and if your not going to be a good parent then theres no point because your just going to fuck up your childs life, so i guess it depends on the person and the time.
.x.gay marriages.x. I support that, thought a lot of people find it akward and weird, i think its so awsome when two hot gay guys kiss. And plus the guy from The Used and My chemical Romance are bi, and have made out.
.x.pre-marital sex.x. I say if your young and in love, do it, but be safe about it. And just remeber guys have a penis, and their probably just using you for ass.
.x.politics.x. I don't really like the goervnment, nor do i know much about it, so i can't really say. But in my opinion the government is fucking everbody over.

.x.pink or blue.x. Pink because im a giirl
.x.movies or mall.x. Uhh the movie's is in the mall... so i suppose mall
.x.night or day.x. Night because im black as midnight, and i love sleeping. That was not suppose to sound dirty ;)
.x.chocolate or vanilla.x. Chocolate because that's my skin color
.x.describe yourself in 3 words.x. Sarcastic . Funny . Hawt


I thought we were suppose to include picture of ourselves????



    hollerrr no one really updates here anymore yo but lets get up on the HISTORY OF THE PHATTIES COMMUNITY. it all started with ANDREA the coolest…

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    Hahaahhahaa no one updates…

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    updating cuz no one else does.. hung out with the three main phatties last night woot woot.

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