hey everyone. i am a 20-year-old female with an ftm boyfriend. up until we started dating about 8 months ago i defined myself as a lesbian. although i've always been more on the masculine side, i've never really thought of myself as anything other than a "girl," even though i've always wanted to be a boy. when i was 6 i told my grandmother i was a handsome boy lol. anyway, the reason for my post is, i've always kinda wanted to be a boy, but never really had the urge to transition or anything like that. i just kinda like the image of me being a boy. i like people to think i'm a boy, and omg do i want my boobs to go away! but i dont feel like i would need any other surgery or need to go on T to fulfill my urges. my boyfriend (who is pre-t and pre-op) got a little freaked out when i told him my secret (i had never told anyone before of my thoughts). i would have thought that he especially would understand how i was feeling. my question to you guys is do you think i'm trans or just a gender bender? and how do i help my boyfriend deal with this? i'd really appreciate some insight here....thanks for listening!!

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Ok so I'm gender queer and a pansexual. How do I pass off...I mean what are the basic's I would need such as clothes and whatnot? Any Adviceis welcomed :)
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My name's Mike and I'm pre-everything. I'm 18 and out to 98% of my friends who are pretty cool about me being transgendered although they still call me by my birth name for the most part. I used to rarely bind, but am begining to do it more often, hopefully daily althought its with ACE bandages. I do not pack, use a STP device, or go into the male restrooms. My father knows, but completly ignores the fact and the rest of my family has no idea.

Here's my questions:

I'm a senior in high school, and in JROTC (I love the program and Idk if me being out would create an issue). Would it be a good move to come out to the highschool so I could graduate under my prefered name? I'm worried about the Staff and Administration reaction, not as much the students.

Also, what can I start under the radar living in my house without my parents knowing this year to get a jump on transistioning??

Does anyone know of some good colleges in TX that are friendly with Transistioning??

Anything else that you all know that could help me out???


My name is Jordan Wasatch -- It's a made-up name, but I like it because it's gender-neutral, and I have a special place in my heart for the Wasatch mountains.

Anyway, my gender. I'm a female, but I identify more as a genderqueer. (I enjoy crossdressing.) Pronouns... I really don't care. I don't like the gender-neutral ones, like 'ze' or 'hir', though.


Hola, young shiny things! I have joined the ranks. My name is Esdi Leanne. Hope ya'll is well and I can get to know some of you here...

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to follow the instructions in the userinfo: I'm kel, california native, and I dig those male pronouns.

that said, I passed for the first time the other week taking my senior portraits. then I came home and came out to my parents. and my little brother. did this exhaust anyone else, because my ass is whupped.
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